Metalpleks was established on December 6, 1971 in Istanbul by Süleyman Akyürek. Metalpleks, which was founded on the manufacturing and sales of metal goods and illuminated advertising boards, later added cafe, restaurant, ooce and home furniture to its - product portfolio. Primarily manufacturing for Turkey, our company now has been expanding to adjacent markets and exporting to Russia and Arab countries in respect to the demands mainly in contract business. Now we have been manufacturing for 34 diierent countries and are expanding our export network every day. In years 2011-2013, we were proud to be among the top 1000 exporters in the export union we are affiliated with.

In 2018, Nonaistanbul Masko Store, our project brand, enabled us to meet larger international projects and companies. Taking part in the projects and contract business with our own manufacturing and design and representing our country in every part of the world with our high quality sourcing that has been going on since 1971 is our greatest source of pride. The excitement, quality and honesty put forward by Süleyman Akyürek while establishing Metalplex in 1971 continues in the same way with Nonaistanbul in 2020.

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